Who we are?

La Isla Restaurant, Located in the center of Sevilla, between the Cathedral and the bullring, It is one of the most traditional restaurants of the city, as emblematic of Sevillian hospitality business, founded in 1946, It bases its activity on providing the highest quality in a wide menu with fish, seafood, meat and rice all the Spanish geography. As is its varied and extensive wine list and homemade desserts.

During all these years it has undergone several renovations and expansions, actually, After the last held in 2013, with the new leadership of Emilio Guerrero León, proven professional experience in the hospitality Seville, This stage begins, in which the bar and tapas Seville regain their place without underestimating its two dining rooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first which also has a private dining room. Adding these, tables on the terrace where you can enjoy the enviable spring Sevillana.

Making the island, the restaurant where they combine and merge all facets of the hospitality of Seville. Tapeo, The terrace and dining rooms. And in all the high quality level it is always kept updated about prices.